Welcome to Combat Boots & Cancer!

Who We Are:

CBC is a nonprofit founded in Minnesota by a Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor diagnosed while serving in the Minnesota Army National Guard at 19 years old.

What We Do:

We provide support to servicemembers, veterans, and military families facing a cancer diagnosis. In addition, we educate and advocate on behalf of the military cancer community for change.

Who We Serve:

Any of those listed below who are facing a cancer diagnosis:
Active duty military personnel and their dependent spouses and children
Army and Air National Guardsmen of all states and territories and their families
Reservists of any branch and their families
Veterans and spouses/widows of any conflict or war and their children

We’ve created our website to be a one stop shop for information you might be looking for about military-related cancer. Whether you visit our resources page or just browse around to check out our organization, we’re here to help.

For information on cancers in the military, click here.

CB&C is still undergoing development as an organization, so check back for more changes later!